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Elrond's family

A tribute to the sons of Elrond

Elven sites

White Arrows of Lorien Eyes Used to Wonder and Beauty - Sindarin princes Fair of Face - Legolas Elf on a Shelf Merin Essi ar Quenteli! - languages

Other LotR / Tolkien sites

The Council of Elrond Lord of the Rings Fanatics Site Encyclopedia of Arda Arwen Undomiel Uruviel's Argonath Minas Tirith Wallpapers Golden Wood Wallpapers

Lord of the Rings Official movie Site
The Hobbit Official Movie Site

Tolkien Art Sites

Rolozo Tolkien - extensive online gallery featuring many artists

Individual artists:
John Howe
Anke Katrin Ei▀mann
Michael Kaluta

Hugo Weaving related sites


Web Weaving Weaving Magic Hugo Weaving @ Random

Galleries - Hugo Weaving - high quality screencaps

Elrond Stardome My LotR and Hobbit Wallpapers: The Golden Wood My Site Collective: Well of Stars