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Arwen means 'noble maiden'. She is also called 'Undómiel' or 'Evenstar'.

Born: III 241
Died: IV 121

Most of what we know of Arwen's story is told in the appendixes to The Lord of the Rings, in the "Tale of Aragorn and Arwen".

In the year III 2951, Arwen returned to Rivendell having spent many years in Lothlórien with her grandparents. There she met Aragorn for the first time, walking in the woods of Rivendell. On first seeing her, Aragorn believed her to be Lúthien Tinúviel, fairest of all elves, who chose mortality for the sake of the mortal Beren.

Aragorn and Arwen from The Fellowship of the Ring movieAragorn loved Arwen, but Elrond discouraged his courtship of Arwen at this time, and Aragorn left to join the struggle against the rising power of Sauron. Twenty-nine years passed, and Arwen was again living in Lothlórien. Aragorn, passing through the Golden Wood, found her once more. Arwen foretold with hope that Aragorn would be among the great who would defeat the rising Shadow. They were betrothed on the hill of Cerin Amroth, although she knew that in choosing Aragorn she would give up the chance to sail with Elrond to Valinor and to dwell there forever with her kin.

Elrond was grieved by her choice, fearing that it would bring great pain to Arwen in the end. He told Aragorn that Arwen should not marry him until he had reclaimed his inheritance as King of both Gondor and Arnor. Arwen returned to Rivendell, for Elrond foresaw the coming darkness and believed that she would be safer there. She was present at the feast which welcomed Frodo and his companions to Rivendell. Seeing her, Frodo was struck by her beauty and by the light of her eyes that seemed to pierce his heart.

Arwen watched over Aragorn in thought, and wove a banner for him that would serve as a sign that he could claim the inheritance of Elendil. She gave it to the Rangers to deliver to him at Dunharrow, before he entered the Paths of the Dead, sending with it a reminder of her hope. At first it appeared black, but as Aragorn entered Gondor the signs of Elendil were revealed on it, wrought in gems, gold and mithril: seven stars around the White Tree of Gondor, and a crown above it.

After Aragorn was crowned King of Gondor, Arwen rode with Elrond to Minas Tirith to become his Queen. Before Frodo and his companions left Gondor, she gave Frodo a white gem upon a silver chain, telling him that it would help him when he was troubled by memories of darkness. She also told him that he could take her place on the ship to Valinor. She rode with the large company that travelled to Edoras for the funeral of King Théoden. Afterwards, she remained behind for a while in order to say farewell to her brothers and to Elrond. Tolkien records the parting of Elrond and Arwen as one of the most sorrowful in Middle-earth.

Arwen and Aragorn were married for 120 years. Arwen bore one son, Eldarion, and several daughters. When Aragorn knew that the time had come for him to die, Arwen was deeply grieved because she did not yet feel ready to part with him. Thus she tasted the bitterness of mortality, as Elrond had feared. After Aragorn's death she left Minas Tirith and returned to Lothlorien. She died at Cerin Amroth, where they were betrothed, before the next spring.

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