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Two new wallpapers: one Elrond and one Elrond & Gandalf.

Time for a refresh of the site: there's a new layout featuring images from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and a slightly reorganised navigation - a few changes to the organisation of the information on Elrond from the books, plus Hugo Weaving and Elrond downloads are now in the same 'Downloads' section.

There is also some new content: some additional quotes from The Hobbit (book) relating to Elrond and Rivendell, four new 'behind the scenes' images from The Hobbit movies, and some additional Hugo Weaving publicity images and images from Hugo's other films.

Finally, welcome to a new affiliate: Telturwen @ The Elfstone, a fansite dedicated to Tolkien's Middle-earth, featuring information from the books and movies, graphics, games and more. This site is now also part of Telturwen's Fellowship of the Web ring, uniting LotR fansites that are still active on the web.

Another new Elrond wallpaper.

One new Elrond wallpaper.

Added screencaps from The Hobbit dvd: Elrond and Rivendell.

One new Elrond wallpaper, using one of the new images from The Hobbit

It's been a few years since the last 'proper' update, but I'm finally giving some time to my sites again. I've added an image gallery for The Hobbit, and two 'White Council' wallpapers. Also, the tagboard is now fixed.

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