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The Two Towers

Elrond does not appear in the book of 'The Two Towers'. In the films, however, Arwen's relationship with Aragorn is emphasised, and, again diverging from his role in the books, in 'The Two Towers', Elrond actively discourages her choice of Aragorn. Though in the books Elrond asks the marriage be postponed until Aragorn is victorious, there is no question of him encouraging Arwen to sail from Middle-earth before the outcome of the War of the Ring is known. In the appendices to the Lord of the Rings, Elrond speaks of his uncertainty about the future, but in the films this is given much greater emphasis. Arwen, in contrast, clings to hope, and perhaps Elrond is made to appear more despairing of the future in order to provide a counterpoint to this aspect of her character. Some think his actions towards Arwen make him appear overbearing. However, although I do not like this development of Elrond's character within the film, the scenes between Elrond and Arwen do show his concern for his daughter, and that he forsees the suffering that her choice will bring her. The beautiful - if sombre - lines in which Elrond presents Arwen with a vision of her future are taken largely from 'The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen', and match the description of Arwen's last days given in this tale (Appendix A of 'The Lord of the Rings').

In 'The Two Towers' film, Elrond is also involved in the decision to send elves to support the defence of Helm's Deep. Haldir announces, "I bring word from Elrond of Rivendell. An alliance once existed between Elves and Men. Long ago we fought and died together. We come to honour that allegiance." In a scene that was deleted from the final version of the films, Elrond travelled to Lothlórien, apparently to speak in favour of a renewed faith in and alliance with the strength and honour of men. Although this scene was lost, here the film still reflects Elrond's concern for both men and elves, and though the arrival of the elves at Helm's Deep has absolutely no basis in the books, it does move me on screen!

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